Historical Play by E. Thomalen
Ensemble: 3m/1f

The Quarrel in Arles dramatizes the relationships between Vincent Van Gogh, his brother Theo Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and Johanna Bonger during the period between May 1 1888 and December 24, 1888, a time of great personal turmoil but artistic achievement for Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin and the fulfillment of romantic desires for Theo Van Gogh and Johanna Bonger.. Vincent's impulsive move to Arles, his decision to rent the Yellow House, conflict with Gauguin, final rupture with Gauguin and psychotic self-injury are part of the story. But it is also about love and its vicissitudes: about the love of a man for the world and for art, a brother's love for a brother, a husband's love for his wife, a wife's love for her husband, a man' love for his friend, and a man's love for himself.