"A terrific play, original and inventive, real playwriting - quick movements, transitions, your own swift way of introducing new characters - it's very intense, strong play, intelligent and vivid..."

Stephen Dixon, Creative Writing Faculty Johns Hopkins University author of 13 novels, 500 short stories and twice nominated for the National Book Award

"The playwright has created an interesting setting, exploring the action simultaneously on two levels which lends itself to separate realities and distinct worlds for the haves and have-nots."

The Script Review

"...you've chosen a much more experimental approach, something akin to absurdism, that feels fresh and spontaneous. Overall, the play held my interest quite well... This play is filled with theatricality: the quick costume changes of train riders; the implied passage of the train suggested by shifts in lighting; the strong compelling dialogue. I found the line 'He said he was finished being our son' on p. 9, both tragic, comic, and true-sounding. I enjoyed the droll imagery and character quirkiness of JOE when he explains to his mother how he began his creative writing by observing a common housefly: 'I observed a fly walking across a newspaper each day... And I got the idea of writing down each word that it stepped on'. I find the scenes in which he interacts with his mother and father poignant and disturbing...Joe does change from someone struggling to fit in and make sense of his life -- to someone so battered by the world that he is beyond struggling. And he contents himself with the absurd nonsense of his fantasy life. Though his journey is not a regular A - B - C arc, it held my interest and I definitely was clear when the journey was over. I enjoyed the surreal ringmaster's speech at the end."

Resident Playwright, Chicago Dramatists Workshop