Adaptation and Poetic Drama By E. Thomalen
7m / 4f, Four lead roles, 1 fiddler

This play is a dramatic adaptation of Kafka's novella. The story, first published in 1915, is of a man who finds himself transformed one day into an insect. In this adaptation Gregor Samsa, portrayed by a mime, awakens into a dream. Inviting the audience to view the experience as Gregor perceives it, the Stage Manager summons the play. In the nightmare he can neither speak nor alter the conduct of those around him who see him as a bug. A musician communicates Gregor's choked internal feelings while the mime communicates the spectacle of the man in the bug. The action takes place in the moment of the dream rather than in real time. There is a tragicomic dimension to this surreal tale. Set in early 20th century Prague and written in verse, this new adaptation captures the experience of anyone who has been a stranger in a strange land. A special feature of this work is it opens a dramatic space in the school's community for an individual with strong mimic, but not declamatory, talent to perform in a great work of world literature with special relevance to the pain and struggles of adolescence and young adulthood. Is there anyone who has not felt like such an outsider? It should be performed in every school. This play was a past winner of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education, Unpublished Play Reading Project.

Running time: 80 minutes with 1 intermission