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Stage Productions: Clara's Christmas Dreams (2004 St. Clements Th., NY Times:"the show mesmerizes even the boys" also 2008 Calhoun, GA; 2008 Wyndham, NY; 2015 South Brandaon, FL) ; The Metamorphosis, A Play (2003 Jose Quintero Th., OOBR: "highly recommended"; also 2015 Tokyo, Japan; 2016 Plano, TX; 2017 LA, CA); El Tigre/Juan Darien (2001 U of Texas at Arlington & Bass Performance Art Center, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Patrons Spellbound"; also 2014 Miami, FL; 2015 Crete, NE; 2016 Graham, NC); Tale of 2 Murderers (2001 Am. Th. of Actors, 2003 Th. Studio Inc. not reviewed); The Platform (2004 Chicago Infamous Commonwealth Theatre not reviewed); Seed for the Planting (1987 Baltimore,MD, Baltimore Sun:"introduces audiences to the individual behind some of the most powerful prints and sculptures to come out of Germany during the first half of this century."); Dances of Life - and Death (2015 Thespis Festival NYC,NY); The Pearl Diver (2016 Thespis Festival NYC,NY), Lake of Sorrows (2017 Summerfest, NYC,NY)

Audio Productions: Shakespeare in the Time of Plague (2022) AudioFile Mag Review: "Amy O'Keefe employs a range of British accents and attentive pacing to good effect in this unusual audio play, which will especially appeal to fans of medieval history and Shakespeare. The playwright lived for extended periods in London during its repeated episodes of bubonic plague... O'Keefe's use of regional accents brings the Bard and his world colloquially to life."; Quarantine (2021 ACX); The Quarrel in Arles (2020 ACX) Audiofile Mag. Review: "This production poignantly dramatizes the events leading up to Vincent's infamous incident of self-mutilation... the story is told through the reading of actual letters to Theo combined with fictionalized dialogue... Periodically, the intensity of mood lifts with piano interludes of Beethoven's MOONLIGHT SONATA, followed by the musings of Johanna Bonger..."; Dances of Life and Death (2019 ACX); "When Summer Suns were Glowing"; Inventing Alice and Wonderland (2019 ACX) AudioFile Mag. Review: "This full-cast performance of Thomalen's dramatic adaptation re-creates a day that Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, spent with the three Liddell sisters, who inspired his books... The interchange between Dodgson and the Liddells realistically conveys their imagined conversation and makes the listener feel a part of the boating party."

Awards: The Quarrel in Arles (2022 Audiofile earphone award: "exceptional titles that excel in narrative voice and style, characterizations, suitability to audio, and enhancement of the text.";  Dances of Life - and Death (Eugene O'Neill Theater Center 2016 "...our readers expressed great admiration for Dances of Life - and Death. Thank you for sharing such quality work with us."; 2015 Thespis Festival- Best Original Play;); The Night Watchman (2013 winner Hawai'i Prize; 2013 winner WILDSound Festival; 1998 winner New Century Writers Awards competition; 1987 semifinalist O'Neill; ); The Metamorphosis, A Play (1996-97 winner American Alliance for Theatre and Education, Unpublished Play Reading Project); El Tigre (2001 winner Writer's Digest Playscript competition); The Platform (2004 winner themed contest "Home for the Holidays"), Seed for the Planting (1987 winner Baltimore Playwrights Competition)

Published: Clara's Christmas Dreams (Samuel French); The Metamorphosis, A Play (Samuel French); El Tigre/Juan Darien (Samuel French), "When Summer Suns Were Glowing"; Inventing Alice and Wonderland (Amazon Kindle); Dances of Life - and Death (Amazon Kindle); The Night Watchman (Amazon Kindle), A Shaker Story (Amazon kindle); The Pearl Diver (Amazon Kindle); Lake of Sorrows (Amazon Kindle); The Quarrel in Arles (Amazon Kindle), Hecuba Queen of Troy (Amazon Kindle), Absalom (Amazon Kindle), Silent Wolves and Howling Moon(Amazon Kindle), “Seed for the Planting” Amazon Kindle, Quarantine: Adaptation of Camus: The Plague, Amazon Kindle, Shakespeare in the time of Plague, Amazon Kindle, From the House of the Deaf Man: A Collection of One-Act Plays (Amazon Kindle); World Stories in Plays for Children, (Amazon Kindle); The Voice of the Crane (Amazon Kindle); Librettos for Opera (Amazon Kindle); The Vanished Towers: An Elegy (Amazon Kindle). Monologues and Duologues by E. Thomalen (Amazon Kindle)