"Seed for the Planting" was given its Premier Production at The Vagabond Players on July 9, l987 directed by John Bruce Johnson with Christine Hohmann playing the role of Kathe Kollwitz. It was one of a group of plays chosen to be presented as part of the Baltimore Playwrights Festival VI. The performance was in a small l00 seat theater with a traditional proscenium arch. Use was made of the aisles as well as the stage to involve the audience in the play; slides of the artist's work were integrated into the production. Interest in the play developed after people became aware of the subject matter from the newspaper reviews and through word of mouth. Many people expressed disappointment that they were not able to see it a second time due to its short run (l0 performances including opening night over three weekends). There was active interest among women's groups, peace groups, and the German community as well as members of the art community. Of some small interest is that four weeks after the end of the play, the major downtown public library reported all of the Kollwitz biographical books were out on loan.