"Have I not learned this,
Only so much to hate my enemy
As though he might again become my friend,
And so much good to wish to do my friend,
As knowing he may yet become my foe?"

Ajax, Sophocles

"It is a mighty leap from the vice presidency to the presidency when one is forced to make it without warning."

Memoirs, Harry S. Truman

"I would do it again. (It's) just another weapon."
And:"(It) is destructive beyond anything that we have ever had. You have got to understand that this isn't a military weapon. It is used to wipe out women and children and unarmed people, and not for military uses... So we have to treat this differently from rifles and cannon and ordinary things like that."

Harry S. Truman

"The seas surround all quarters of the globe
And my heart cries out to the nations of the world
Why then do the winds and waves of strife
Disrupt the peace between us?"

Emperor Meiji, Japan