Reviewer's comments of the 2003 Off Off Broadway production at the Jose Quintero Theatre in New York City include:

Off Off Broadway Review: "highly recommended"

Hi Drama: "This adaptation makes one ponder socially significant issues, class struggles, inequities, treatment of someone different-i.e., disabled or dysfunctional and the writing is forthright"

Town and Village wrote: "Thomalen has done the theater-going public a great service"

Talkin Broadway: "Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis begins as the story's central figure, Gregor Samsa, becomes a giant insect. Stories seldom start in a more over-the-top, theatrical way...a rich would Gregor be represented? Thomalen's solution is both obvious and effective, having the actor portraying him (Kevin Whittinghill) never utter a single spoken line, with whatever insect-like speech he can muster portrayed by Klezmer-like violin sounds being produced by the Hasidic musician (David Kornhaber) who always accompanies Gregor ... Whittinghill gives one of the most convincing performances in the play, his movements stylized, and his overall manner one of the way a cockroach might impersonate a human..."