New York

Reviewer's comments of the 2003 Off Off Broadway production at the Jose Quintero Theatre in New York City include - Off Off Broadway Review: "highly recommended"; Hi Drama: "This adaptation makes one ponder socially significant issues, class struggles, inequities, treatment of someone different-i.e., Disabled or dysfunctional and the writing is forthright"; Town and Village wrote: "Thomalen has done the theater-going public a great service"; Talkin Broadway: "Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis begins as the story's central figure, Gregor Samsa, becomes a giant insect. Stories seldom start in a more over-the-top, theatrical way...a rich would Gregor be represented? Thomalen's solution is both obvious and effective, having the actor portraying him (Kevin Whittinghill) never utter a single spoken line, with whatever insect-like speech he can muster portrayed by Klezmer-like violin sounds being produced by the Hasidic musician (David Kornhaber) who always accompanies Gregor...Whittinghill gives one of the most convincing performances in the play, his movements stylized, and his overall manner one of the way a cockroach might impersonate a human...".

Tokyo, Japan

Thank you for letting us perform the play: "The Metamorphosis". The Script was very difficult but fantastic. We, all the members of my production, love it now.

The theme we tried to express through the play was 

"Love Never Changes?".

When we read the script, we thought Gregor was a very lonely man. He had no friends. He worked very very hard from early morning in order to return his parent's debt to the company. He lived only for his family. We guessed he lived for his family, and he might think he had to protect them. Moreover, he might think if he could not protect them, they wouldn't love Gregor  any longer. In other words, the family loved Gregor because he  worked hard.  In such a circumstance, if he turned into a bug. It became impossible for him to protect the family. Even if he was not a human any longer, even if he is not what he used to be, even if he cannot work for them, would the family still  love Gregor? We decided to describe this as the main theme.

Takahiro Yauchi

March 17-26, 2017

Thank you for checking in!  Just a little was sold out almost every night...very well received:)

Thank you so much for reaching out to see how our production of your beautiful play went, the cast was so excited that you did.  Our show was in our smaller theatre space and it was completely student designed...lights, sound, make-up, set and costumes and they all did a great job.  We did a very stylized version with inspiration from Robert Wilson and Anne Bogart.  I am the movement and voice professor here at ELAC, so I do a lot of ensemble and group work when directing and the students really responded to it.  In order to establish the "bug", we also used some shadow puppetry in the beginning and the end to set that.  Attached are some photos to give you an idea....and the poster!  I hope you like them:)  Great job on a beautiful play! And thank you.

Vanessa Mizzone Pellegrini