Readers Comments:

"I was engrossed and involved in this intriguing play from the program notes on. It is a disturbing and captivating idea and play. I thought more about this play than any of the others I read. It stayed with me for days after I read it and I found I wanted to talk to people about it. I haven't read Kafka's story for a long time, so I don't know how much is his and how much is the playwrights. I also can't say how true to the original the adaptation is. But I can say that I found it riveting and extremely disturbing."

"Certainly there are families who must deal with disabled and dysfunctional members, and the play has relevance, but what does the play say? Let them die. And that makes us, as an audience say: Let them live. Fix the others."

"I was deeply involved in this play. I found it to be carefully crafted and important. My attention was held and my imagination went rampant!"

"The characters are carefully developed. I found myself particularly involved with Grete and dismayed at her ability to dissociate herself from her brother, all the while finding justification for her behavior."


A winner of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education, Unpublished Play Reading Project 1996-97