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Produced: Clara's Christmas Dreams(2004 St. Clements Th., NY Times "the show mesmerizes even the boys"); The Metamorphosis, A Play (2003 Jose Quintero Th. OOBR "highly recommended"); El Tigre (2001 U of Texas at Arlington & 2002 Bass Performance Art Center, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Patrons Spellbound"); Tale of 2 Murderers (2001 Am. Th. of Actors, 2003 Th. Studio Inc. not reviewed); The Platform (2004 Chicago Infamous Commonwealth Theatre not reviewed); Seed for the Planting (1987 Vagabond Players Theater; Baltimore Sun: "introduces audiences to the individual behind some of the most powerful prints and sculptures to come out of Germany during the first half of this century").

Awards: The Night Watchman (1987 semifinalist O'Neill; 1998 winner in the New Century Writers Awards competition), 2013 Hawai'i Prize, 2013 WILDSound Festival); The Metamorphosis, A Play (1996-97 American Alliance for Theatre and Education, Unpublished Play Reading Project); El Tigre (2001 Writer's Digest Playscript competition); The Platform (2004 themed contest "Home for the Holidays"), Seed for the Planting (1987 Baltimore Playwrights Competition).

Published: Clara's Christmas Dreams (Samuel French); The Metamorphosis, A Play (Samuel French); El Tigre (Samuel French)


August 29, 30, September 3, 2016
The Pearl Diver was performed as part of the New York Theater Festival (Thespis).

Japanese Legend Makes a Splash at Annual Theatre Festival
August 19
7:53 PM
by BWW News Desk

"The Pearl Diver" is a magical tale about a young girl and a sea dragon. It was first known as the subject of a Noh, a medieval musical. In the spring of 2012 the story could be seen on illustrated scrolls at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. This production incorporates poetry, song, dance and live music.

Kabuki began in the 1600s. All-female troupes performed both male and female roles in comic scenes about everyday life. Noh, began in the 1300s. It often features masked characters, and requires strict training by the actors and musicians. Both are still performed today as a celebration of tradition.

This contemporary production will draw on those rich traditions, but also employ updated theatre practices. The artists hope this blending of both old and new will make it exciting for American audiences.

Whether it is Japan or the United States, we experience similar things. The artists hope to bring legends from around the world to young audiences through song, dance, and spoken word. They chose to put on the play this summer to encourage cultural exchange.

August 22, 2016
The WILDsound Festival posted a reading from the opening scene of Death Surprises the Executioner online and on YouTube. They can be found at:

August, 2016
The Pearl Diver will be performed as part of the Thespis Festival in NYC. Performances will be at the Hudson Guild Theater in Manhattan August 29, 30 and September 3. For times consult the Thespis website. It is a magical tale told in spoken word and dance about a young Japanese woman who dives for pearls, and a fearful Sea Dragon. It dramatizes a Japanese legend told in Japanese Kabuki dance, in a medieval Noh play and is visually rendered in Japanese illustrated scrolls.

July, 2016
E. Thomalen finished a new play called "Lake of Sorrows". It is a verse drama. an adaptation of the story of Swan Lake. Information about it will be posted on the website soon.

February, 2016
National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center
"While your work did not advance to the next round, we wanted to let you know that our readers expressed great admiration for Dances of Life – and Death. Thank you for sharing such quality work with us."
Wendy Goldberg      Anne Morgan
Artistic Director        Literary Manager/Dramaturg

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